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A single fund site to consolidate them all

We developed a new corporate umbrella website to incorporate seven fund websites into a single site and harmonise VinaCapital’s online identity.

The challenge

VinaCapital commissioned Fin to deliver a complex project which required combining of eight websites into one (the corporate website and seven individual fund websites which presented a variety of visual identities, as well as different content management styles and systems) into just one unique site. We were asked to provide strategic thinking to bring all the sites together under one technical structure and style of design.

The process

In order to combine eight websites into one site, and system, it was vital that we got our strategy right, especially as this was the first step in an end-to-end project (beginning with strategic consultancy and ending with the design, build and delivery of the website itself). We put our multi-disciplinary heads together to ensure that all technical requirements could be met, that the user journey was made consistent across the range of funds and that the digital identity was harmonised, so VinaCapital could exist online under a single visual identity.

The outcome

Our technical team built the new website with the popular Umbraco CMS and, once we had deployed it, we delivered to the client-side development team. They, in turn, evolved visual aspects of the brand in order to present a contemporary design which befitted and referenced VinaCapital’s Vietnamese origins. All seven individual funds are now easily accessible from a single web address, whilst remaining self-contained, but they are still clearly part of the larger overall site.

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