Simplifying the complex, through video

Clients often ask if can we take their complex and abstract product proposition and turn it into an engaging and educational campaign piece, punching home the key features without it being too long and onerous on the audience.

Our answer is “yes”. Fin’s focus on the investment industry over the past 30 years means we know what’s what.

An engaging approach we consider is a short, punchy, introductory video. Through creative story-telling we present the key points of your complex product or service, as seen by some of our success stories below.

Please take a look and get in touch to further discuss how to simplify the complex.

Apex Group
A snappy ‘sting’ video to announce their support for WaterAid on LinkedIn. Running time of 15 seconds.

Clearstream (a member of Deutsche Börse Group)
Dynamic graphic animation to provide insight into their Settlement product. Running time of 2m 23s.

IPM investment philosophy
A dynamic expression of the systematic hedge fund manager’s investment philosophy.
Running time: 2m 59s.

Fidelity International
An animated infographic to share how ESG is integrated into their FutureWise retirement product. Running time of 1m 35s.

Willis Towers Watson Global Equity Fund
A sales video to introduce their multi-manager fund.
Running time: 2m 22s.

Amundi Asset Management
An up-beat video with kinetic typography to introduce Amundi’s training programmes for partner banks and distributors. Running time of 1m 12s.

Apex Business Acceleration Services
An introductory video on Apex‘s BASE product to unlock cross-border growth opportunities.
Running time: 1m 36s.

Insight Investment (a member of BNY Mellon)
Digital ads as part of Insight’s LDI campaign. Running time of 15s.

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