An investor portal refreshed for 2020 - and beyond

What AMX does

The Asset Management Exchange (AMX) is a multi-asset institutional platform delivering cost and operational efficiencies for both institutional investors and asset managers. AMX provides access to standardised and streamlined fund information to institutional investors and intermediaries as well as allowing asset managers to distribute their funds more easily, spending less time on onboarding institutional investors.


The challenge

Having partnered with Fin in the recent past on branding and campaigns, AMX (part of Willis Towers Watson) asked our help to develop a brand-new user experience and design for its client portal.

Having launched in 2017, it was felt that the portal, which is the core of their offer, was ready for an upgrade to further improve an already very popular product.

Our challenge was to:

  • Provide a 3-year vision to match the user experience, design and functionality with their strategic goals
  • Crete a User Experience that is robust enough to work today and still be relevant in 3 years
  • Create a new User Interface (UI) that is not a shock to the users but a natural progression
  • Deliver our work to their development team in a way that facilitated Agile implementation


We proposed to start the project by interviewing the key stakeholders to understand exactly what the portal needed to provide to its users and understand where it needed to be improved in order to create what we coined the Destination. The Destination is the articulation of what the portal will become in 3 years.


We also reviewed the existing portal and created a detailed report on its current state to identify what needed to be changed, what needed to be enhanced and what could be removed to boost the user experience.

We decided with the client team that as the AMX concept is quite new, we needed to work our way up to the Destination in terms of the user experience to allow users to try out the portal and collect user feedback to validate our ideas. By developing the Destination and then working with AMX on the plan to achieve the Destination, AMX would be able to roll out features in phases and find out how its customers related to them, thus being able to develop some further whilst changing directions for other

Our approach for the UI was to provide design options which followed the brand guidelines but also introduced some challenging ideas which we thought were needed to accommodate both the guidelines and best practice for portal user interfaces.


As the result of our strategic work , we created a full prototype of the portal in 3-years’ time which was tested by the client team and which we further refined following their feedback.



This approach allowed us to implement the UX thinking and the new design to the current version of the portal, making sure that the UX and design decisions made today are in-line with the Destination.

We continue to work with the AMX team and its development partner to evolve the portal.

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