Fin created the name and brand for Brevan Howard at its inception in 2002. Brevan Howard decided to offer their renowned technology stack across front to back office to third-party and start-up hedge funds. Fin was briefed to explore what the proposition is and how to present it.

The Challenge

Brevan Howard was seeking a partner to support them in the naming and branding for a new spin-off from the parent company. To develop its value proposition, its name, its visual identity, a new logo, and application of the brand identity across its website and collateral.

Fin was appointed as the agency of choice, having ongoing experience of working with Brevan Howard since inception, and bringing broader experience of branding within the hedge fund industry.

Our Solution

The project began with discovery; comprising internal stakeholder interviews, to understand what the new entity represented and how it was to function. We also undertook a workshop with senior members of the launch team to explore what the new spin-off would bring to clients.

A review of key competitor brands was also undertaken to identify how each positioned themselves.

This provided the insight to shape our strategic analysis. Such as the new entity, before its launch, coming from Brevan Howard was already seen as being the ‘gold standard’ of integrated front-to-back office technology.

We created a range of core propositions, supported by a full message house of Core propositions, Outcomes, and Client benefits

From the value positioning strategy, a number of key attributes for the new company were identified. These key attributes became our brief for naming, with Fin creating a range of names. The name of Coremont was selected as representing the technology stack being central to an organisation’s capabilities, its stability and endurance as part of Brevan Howard for many years, and projecting a premium quality.

We created the new logo to present a strong, powerful, and robust offer. Using unique hand-drawn lowercase presents an approachable and accessible firm.

The new branded communications focused on the circles in the brand logo and included a website, photographic and graphic imagery, a visual brand signature, infographics, digital templates, tone of voice for copywriting, and office branding guidance.

The Success

Our long-standing working relationship with the Brevan Howard marketing team, and our knowledge of hedge funds, ensured we hit the ground running. Across the strategy, design, and delivery, we were closely aligned with the Coremont team to ensure a successful launch for the new brand.

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