Creating a new and sustainable brand for a progressive UK trade body

The BVCA, founded in 1983, is the voice of private capital in the UK. They act on behalf of members to engage and educate key audiences about the vital role played by private capital in business growth, transformation and innovation and the benefits this brings to life across the UK.

The Challenge

The BVCA was seeking a partner to help them develop their new brand, across its value proposition, its’ visual identity, a refreshed logo and launch video.

The current visual identity was developed in 2012 and the BVCA was very aware of how much has since changed within their industry, UK businesses, and global society.

The BVCA appointed Fin as an agency who not only had branding experience of the private capital industry they represented, but were also sensitive to the shift in social and moral drivers impacting them, their members, and businesses.

The Solution

The project began with discovery, comprising internal and external member stakeholder interviews, to understand what the BVCA represented and how they supported its members. This resulted in our strategic analysis and insights such as that the BVCA was seen as a valued part of the private capital industry, fighting its members’ cause within Westminster and Brussels with one unified, collective voice.

We also identified that the BVCA, and the private capital industry, needed to clearly demonstrate its public value, by articulating the positive contributions and transformations created by private capital to UK businesses and the societies in which they operate through job creation. And in doing so contributed to both local and national economic success through its sustainable actions and goals.

We created a new value proposition for the BVCA of ‘Invested in a better future’. Placing front and centre the focus on private capital being a force for good and its support of ambitious and driven teams to grow their businesses, whilst at the same time doing the right thing by our planet and society.

The value proposition was supported by a full message house with the BVCA’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.

The new logo presents the BVCA as boldly and positively venturing towards new horizons through expanding knowledge, broadening skills horizons, and meeting industry challenges on behalf of its members, reflecting their pioneering ambition. The billowing, full sail symbolises a journey, an adventure, being powered by natural energy, representing forward drive and momentum towards new horizons. It also reinforces the BVCA’s commitment to protecting the planet and their collective efforts around ESG.

Branded elements developed by us included photographic and graphic imagery, a visual brand signature, video and infographics. Brand guidelines were also provided for the new website and digital communication templates.

The Success

Our close working relationship with the BVCA’s full marketing team; resulted in a brand delivering on the BVCA’s vision. Across the strategy, design, and delivery, we were continuously involved with the BVCA team and built a strong working relationship, allowing us the creative freedom and flexibility to deliver a powerful brand proposition. Janet Titterton, the BVCA Head of Marketing, publishing and membership communications said:

“Fin’s strategic efforts drove creative with meaning and vision, and most importantly hit the brief! The Fin team were highly responsive, providing great client service, at every stage of the project, with Fin being an extension of our team, supporting our brand strategy with expertise to arrive at such great end results that we are immensely proud of. Would highly recommend.”

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