Apex Group

Marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the Apex Group's products and services.

Apex Group Ltd. is a global financial services provider with 50 offices worldwide and 5,000 employees. Apex delivers an extensive range of services to asset managers, capital markets, private clients, and family offices.

The Brief

Fin supported Apex in raising awareness of key services and solutions through creating a per service ‘mini campaign’.

Each mini campaign is created from an initial discovery interview with product experts in each service, from which we build a campaign positioning. This positioning is expanded into a video script and then into a conceptual storyboard to tell the background and benefits of the service within a short, animated video.

To ensure each campaign was seen within a ‘family’ of Apex videos we initially created a visual styling to be consistent across all service and product campaign videos and digital media placements.

To support Apex Groups commitment to CSR we developed two short ‘sting’ videos: to present Apex’s support of WaterAid, and also to present their support to the Eden Reforestation Project. Each video contained a fake LinkedIn backdrop to allow for a surprise animation effect.

Each video is housed on the Apex Group LinkedIn page – https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-apex-group-ltd – and was supported with digital media for which Fin also created and produced the required assets.

Apex briefed Fin to develop a number of campaigns for a variety of their products and services:

ESG Ratings and Advisory service
Our approach for the ESG Ratings and Advisory service was to present a shop-window of the full range of their services to evaluate, rate and improve the ESG profile for private companies.

Global Compliance Solutions
Within Global Compliance Solutions, we developed the positioning that Apex takes a supportive role in addressing compliance for their clients. Working closely with their clients to interpret how local and global compliance can support and enable their clients’ business plans.

ManCo Services
A multifaceted offer, Apex ManCo provide asset managers with cost-effective solutions to fund structuring, global distribution and risk management, as well as relieving the burden of keeping on top of an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Apex acquired an organisation with an innovative digital platform to instantly connect asset managers with the right investors, at the right time. Helping deliver Apex Group’s ambition to deliver a single-source solution to clients, across the full value chain of their business.

Apex’s Business Acceleration Services (‘BASE’) helps asset managers, multinationals and SMEs unlock their cross-border potential in a simple, quick and cost-effective manner. To help expand their business globally by managing the ever changing regulatory frameworks and operational complexities that come with setting up in new jurisdictions.

Further information to all the above products and services can be found on the Apex Group website:

Link to the Apex Group – https://www.apexgroup.com

Link to Apex ESG Ratings & Advisor service – https://www.apexgroup.com/apex-esg-ratings

Link to Apex Global Compliance Solutions – https://www.apexgroup.com/corporate-solutions/global-compliance-solution

Link to Apex ManCo services – https://www.apexgroup.com/financial-solutions/management-company-services

Link to Apex Profilir – https://www.apexgroup.com/fund-solution/profilir

Link to Apex BASE – https://www.apexgroup.com/corporate-solutions/business-services/apex-business-acceleration-services-base

Link to Apex Group CSR – https://www.apexgroup.com/corporate-social-responsibility

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