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A new name and identity for a big-bank asset manager

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Following the state intervention into the Belgium Bank, Dexia, a decision was taken to spin out the asset management arm as a stand-alone offer.

The challenge

As a part of Dexia, the successful asset management team had placed a low focus on marketing. This new need to present its offer to the market as an individual company required an entirely new identity.

Fin was briefed by Dexia Asset Management to define a new name and explore the brand positioning.

The process

First, we undertook an extensive and European-wide insight phase to build a deep understanding of the company in its current form. We carried out interviews with both internal and external stakeholders. With all of this research in place, the debate began to define the future Dexia AM offer.

In order to bring out a broader range of insight (as well as deeper engagement with a new brand), we circulated an online questionnaire among all Dexia AM staff.

We explored the global ‘brandscape’ of competitor brand positioning, taking in Dexia’s peer group of managers. This research was rapidly distilled into a number of ‘top-level findings’.

This process culminated in the generation of a ‘straw-man’ brand positioning and brand values, which were then shared and debated within an senior management committee workshop, structured and facilitated by Fin.

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The outcome

The output of the workshop formed a consensus of brand values, positioning and core proposition, which defined our brief for the new name.

Fin generated just under 1,000 names for review. The longlist was whittled down to a shortlist, from which ‘Candriam’ was taken forward into legal registration.

The name was derived from the Latin word ‘Cand’, meaning glowing or iridescent, suggesting creativity, positivity and brightness (a new dawn), but with a strong corporate feel. The name also hints at ‘candour’ (honesty) and also forms a near-acronym supporting the brand values: Conviction AND Responsibility In Asset Management.

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The next steps

Following Candriam’s launch of the new name and their acquisition by New York Life, we created a multi-channel European marketing campaign to promote their Absolute Return flagship funds.

We developed a messaging framework and formulated campaign materials for a range of online and offline collateral incorporating advertising, direct mail, literature, e-marketing and a campaign micro site.

From the ashes the phoenix rose and is now flying high.

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