Thematic investment animation video

Amundi Video Landscape Cover Image

Amundi asked for us to create a range of animated videos to introduce individual investment themes for their European client base.

The brief

Investors face a complex landscape of investment themes influencing their decision making, from which the resulting confusion often leads to investment inertia. Amundi decided to guide potential investors through key factors driving an investment theme by producing a number of short educational videos, each covering a different theme.

The response

All too often there’s no unique brand experience. Too many corporate videos tend to reflect one another. If you replace the company logo the video could easily be as applicable to any other manager.

As bespoke video shoots were out of budget, our creative approach was to be dependent on photo library footage and stills.

We created each video story by distilling Amundi’s background information into a succinct and punchy script, acting as our brief for the sourcing of relevant, ‘off-the-shelf’, imagery and graphics.

To deliver a distinctive Amundi brand experience, we went to the heart of the Amundi brand – the logo’s blue square – to create a housing device for all imagery taking the viewer through each investment theme’s story.

The brand blue square became our universal building block across all videos.

The result

A highly individual approach to a corporate video, being singularly distinctive to the Amundi brand. For each new video we now create, the branded style is in place from which the script and imagery is tailored to each theme. Each video is taken onto the Amundi website and also used within their investor roadshows across Europe.


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