Fidelity – FutureWise

Refreshing the pension workplace collateral

The Brief

Fidelity International approached us to analyse their existing workplace pension materials and put a bit of” zing” into the employee and member engagement experience. We were to rewrite, redesign and substantially improve the brochure and surrounding presentation literature for Fidelity employees and members – better communicating the intelligently structured, managed investment portfolio and retirement offer; Fidelity ‘FutureWise’.

We were to start with the FutureWise brochure, then broaden this out to infographics and video animation – creating a continuous journey by designing a bright visual language and crafting a lucid product narrative. Positioning Fidelity as a trusted, long-term partner; we were to portray the FutureWise product as a distinctive investment approach to pensions saving, with an active ESG process – promising to create a responsible and enduring investment strategy which mitigates risks and enhances long-term returns. Key in this communication is the measurable impact for investors who prefer to invest sustainably. Fidelity ‘FutureWise’ aims to meet sustainability and net zero targets for 2050, in line with the Paris agreement.

The Process

When introduced to the marketing and investment teams, we underwent a review of existing documentation, direct and indirect competitors. It quickly became apparent that there was an opportunity to break away from the land of library imagery and tell the Fidelity story in a tighter and more targeted fashion. Starting with the words, we explored messaging frameworks and brochure formats that told the investment story in various layers of detail. Having decided on one, we commenced with the writing of content in tandem with looking at a variety of creative concepts that were big enough to scale; whilst being something Fidelity could ‘own’. Having agreed the copy and chosen route, the application became straightforward – starting with the brochure and quickly evolving into ESG animation and infographics.

The Results

By utilising a multi-layered, compositionally illustrative and graphical approach; and by pushing the design guidelines, we have been able to achieve the winning combination of fresh, informative communication, alongside a unique Fidelity experience that will set the tone for many future applications.

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