An agile visual campaign system as modular and comprehensive as the product

Stoxx case study cover landscape

To reflect its evolution from an index provider to an “Intelligent Investment Factory”, STOXX needed to re-engineer its advertising campaign style.

STOXX Case Study

The brief

STOXX, a European leader in index innovation, repositioned its brand offer from a benchmark provider to an ‘Intelligent Investments Factory’ and we were tasked with developing a new visual campaign concept to reflect this. Specifically, we needed to effectively convey the values of market focus, innovation, precision and transparency of this new offer.

A key part of the brief was that it was an evolution, rather than a revolution, and this meant us intelligently reemploying the existing STOXX brand assets and visual language to create a distinctive and ownable look, flexible and practical enough to use for potentially very frequent and diverse product campaigns.

STOXX Case Study

Concept development


Layer construction for concept

Our response

We began by identifying that STOXX product naming uses a modular system and so we created a set of visual layers, each corresponding to the area of meaning, e.g. the geographical coverage, type of product, its USP and the STOXX brand itself. The layers then formed a rich background to a strong hero image, working with the campaign headline to reflect the product’s core value proposition. The resulting collage delivered a distinctive look, with great potential for us to keep creating strong personalities for future campaigns.

STOXX Case Study AD
STOXX Airport billboard visual
STOXX airport 4a

The results

Our first application of this new visual system was the STOXX AI Indices campaign, with the message that it was the first index to utilise AI in its component selection. Whilst the key image focused on concept recognition, the supporting layers alluded to the global presence and its high tech intelligence.

This was quickly followed by the SDS campaign (Structured Products) where the ‘enhanced athlete’ represented the product’s superior performance, and the LDI campaign, targeting UK’s institutional clients and product issuers.

STOXX outdoor billboard
STOXX Zurich airport
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