A distinctive value proposition with a boldly refreshed brand identity

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The challenge

This Swiss-based hedge fund manager had not reviewed its brand since its inception in 2007. Its relevance to the company’s aspirations had been brought into question, as well as its relevance to their existing local and international clients. In addition, it didn’t really stand out amongst its peer group.

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Our solution

Our response was two-stage. First we had to explore what the firm meant to its staff, and to its clients, through a series of qualitative interviews. The responses gave us a strong, insider’s insight into the brand value proposition. Next, we explored the brand’s visual identity, unusually taking a ‘revolution, not evolution’ approach to the creative concept.



Four distinctive routes were visualised to meet the brief, and these were presented and interrogated with key stakeholders. The client’s preference was subsequently developed, refined and finessed.

The success

We wanted to highlight the reasons clients work with LGIP. This is best expressed by their philosophy and approach to trading, which we summed up with a simple, alliterative positioning statement: ‘Process Powered Performance’.

Their individual, and distinctive, investment philosophy seeks low market volatility through a systematic approach, partnered with opportunistic trading. This approach has been greatly appealing to Geneva’s private client market, who are looking for a robust methodology, guided by experienced insight.

Also, it was immediately clear that the full-length company name, Lake Geneva Investment Partners, was rarely used. LGIP was already in use as the short-hand version. We just needed to make it more memorable.

The initials LGIP replaced the full-length the brand name, presenting them as lowercase letterforms, to project a contemporary, forward-thinking feel and an approachable company (reflecting the people behind the brand).

The letterforms were simplified and stripped back to emphasise their shapes, turning the letters themselves into a memorable graphic icon. Through use across their branded collateral, and in other spaces such as corporate sponsorship, (like the side of a racing car), the shapes will become identifiable with the brand, regardless of the old name which they now represent.

See the LGIP microsite at www.lgip.ch

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