Nikko Asset Management

Creating a dynamic proposition for the Nikko AM Global Equities team

Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, with US$228.6bn (Dec. 2023). Their global equities team is based in Edinburgh, with an investment philosophy of a collective approach to picking stocks and active portfolio management will produce the best results for clients.

The challenge

The Global Equities team prioritises future quality stocks—companies that are either outperforming expectations or on the road to becoming market leaders.

However, this unique approach wasn’t effectively communicated in their sales materials. Fin was tasked with developing a new Global Equity Future Quality proposition and narrative that would resonate with investors and highlight Nikko AM’s expertise in Future Quality global equity.

Additionally, Fin’s brief included the creation of a distinctive visual identity that conveys the Future Quality proposition in an engaging manner, not only to be taken into decks and IR materials but also driving a forthcoming AI digital campaign on their global equity investment guide.

Our solution

We started by reviewing all their current sales and marketing materials to thoroughly understand the issues. Then, we facilitated an on-site workshop with key stakeholders from the Global Equities team, providing a platform for them to express their beliefs about the product and discuss concerns regarding its historical positioning.

From there, we developed and presented four broad themes for positioning the Global Equity Future Quality proposition. Each theme included a shortform expression and the core tenets of the product proposition.

The Future Quality team’s, and Fin’s, consensus was to evolve Option 1: ‘Seeing further across global equity’, by ‘keeping your head above the here and now and eyes forward’.

We also proposed a more engaging and dynamic title for the team, moving away from the corporate Nikko AM Global Equities Team to a title creating a visual image of their activity as ‘The Future quality Finders’.

As the Future Quality Finders, we designed a graphic signature featuring concentric circles, which will be prominently displayed across the team’s communications. These circles represent the investment journey from the present to the future, illustrating the team’s projected return on investment.

We incorporated imagery behind the circles to highlight the investment themes the team might focus on. Within the smaller circle, symbolising the ‘future,’ we depicted the benefits to consumers or society as the ultimate outcome.

The outcome

A bold move, both in the positioning and the visual realisation, to bring to the fore the individuality and focus from The Future Quality Finders. As one member of the client team said: “This is going to be a game-changer for us!”

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