A precisely engineered advertising campaign

insight investment cover landscape

The challenge

Insight Investment, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon and a seasoned European leader in LDI, were planning to expand their offer and make moves towards the US institutional market. This provided us with a challenge to create an impactful B2B campaign establishing Insight’s credentials in this new territory.

Our creative concept had to cater to a range of investment audiences, as well as being capable of accommodating regionalised tag lines and a variety of proof-points, each of which were intended to cross-sell Insight’s broader offer to different business areas.

Part of our remit was to refresh the advertising style branded format, independently of the concept itself.

Insight investment paper plane campaign image 03
Insight investment paper plane campaign image 04

Our response

The project went through several months of positioning and messaging workshops with Insight’s key stakeholders and the Fin strategy team. Through this process, we helped our client distil their philosophy and cultural beliefs into a central proposition. We were then able to propose a number of messaging strategies to support Insight’s global expansion, as well as develop an umbrella concept for all of the subsequent campaigns – by revealing a precisely-engineered complexity inside something appearing deceiving simple from the outside.

We also developed a brand new advertising template in synergy with the angular, origami-like style of illustrations.

For the first run of ads, we presented Insight Fixed Income as an ordinary-seeming paper plane, opening to reveal a mind-bogglingly complex futuristic engine, custom-built to overcome market uncertainty to reach clients’ investment goals.

For the second campaign, Insight’s Multi-Asset offer, we showed a smoother path to their clients’ investment goals. The proposition’s simplicity was emphasised by turning the mountain range into low polygon structures and placing a smooth, high tech travelator in that environment.


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insight investment escalator campaign storyboard inpage1
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insight investment escalator campaign billboard image

The success

With the first, ‘paper plane’ ads, the print and the online campaign went off to a flying start, helping launch Insight in the US. It was then rolled out globally, re-establishing Insight as a long-only industry leader, powered by their distinctive investment philosophy to offer quality products to top-tier institutional clients.

User testing in the US institutional press showed great recall and appreciation of the creative idea. The US audience ‘got it’, thus putting the new challenger brand on the map.

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