Connecting investors to your ESG story

Investors increasingly demand greater clarity in a manager’s ESG and Responsible Investing approach.

This clarity needs to be aligned with escalating regulatory demands to disclose manager and investee ESG data (which could be damning), previously not found in the public domain. Both factors demand managers to develop an understanding and articulation of ESG at a corporate and product level.

At Fin, we have supported clients since 2018 in defining their ESG and Responsible Investing stories. This brings an understanding to develop compelling and proprietary propositions with a highly creative visual theme.

Below are examples of our success stories, others not mentioned include our work for Apex Group, CVC, Amundi, Findlay Park, and Insight Investment.

Janus Henderson

Corporate and product sustainability messaging

With over $250 billion AUM* partially invested in Article 8 funds and a new Article 9 fund, many of their clients, prospects and staff wanted to know where Janus Henderson stood on ESG and investing sustainability.

Our brief was to investigate and create their corporate and product sustainability messaging while developing narratives to communicate it to clients and prospects.

We assimilated relevant materials and conducted interviews with key internal stakeholders focused on ESG and sustainability, including their Head of ESG, Head of Governance, and Head of D&I.

*As of May 2023

Fidelity International

Creative theme for sustainable funds range

Fidelity International Ltd, provides investment management services including mutual funds, pension management and fund platforms to private and institutional investors. Parent company Fidelity has $728.6 billion AUM*.

Our brief was to visually represent the three pillars of the Sustainable Funds Family framework, elevating the S and the G in ESG, focusing on diversity and collaboration.

We produced a system that combined several images within a fluid and flexible system that could take off-the-shelf assets and turn them into something distinctive and ownable, that could be as sophisticated, or main stream, as our client’s brief demanded.

We were then briefed by Fidelity International to analyse their existing workplace pension materials, FutureWise, and put a bit of” zing” into the employee and member engagement experience, linking the visual styling of the collateral to our work for the Sustainable Funds Family. Please click on the link below to see more of this project.

*As of May 2023

Fidelity Sustainable Investing

To learn more about our work for the Sustainable Funds Family, please click on this link:


To learn more about our work for Fidelity International’s FutureWise workplace pensions please click on this link:

NatWest Markets

Product sustainability messaging

NatWest Markets is the investment banking arm of NatWest Group based in the United Kingdom and have been active for many years in the Sustainable Finance sector.

Our brief was to develop a proposition and messaging for NatWest Markets Sustainable Finance (SF) towards Corporates and Financial Institutions looking to build their sustainability strategies.

A core messaging proposition of ‘Facilitating Clarity’ answered concerns from clients as to understand sustainability within their own corporate goals.

We developed four key tenets of the offer and from the core proposition from which we built separate narratives to Corporates and Financial Institutions.

Brooks Macdonald

Product sustainability messaging and visual theme

Brooks Macdonald Group plc provides leading investment management services with discretionary Funds under Management of £16.2 billion*.

We were briefed by Brooks Macdonald Responsible Investment Services (RIS) to develop its core messaging to relevant target markets (B2B and B2C) across their Advance and Avoid strategies and to create a visual identity for RIS client engagement.

*As of December 2022

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