Bringing its sustainability promise to life

With a very public announcement from Amundi to have €1.4 trillion within ESG funds by 2021, Fin was commissioned to create and produce a video about Amundi’s commitment to sustainable investing.

The challenge

The Amundi goal from sustainable investment is to build a better world.

This ethos is deeply embedded in the organisation’s philosophy and lies at the very heart of Amundi, being one of the four founding pillars of their parent group, Crédit Agricole, arising from its agricultural community foundations.

Amundi asked Fin to project their message of responsibility through focusing on a more sustainable investment approach and long-term outcome. The video also had to be created in a new, more organic, style that offered more flexibility and adaptability for a suite of videos and a bigger target audience.

Our solution 

We began by reviewing all of Amundi’s material on their approach to sustainable investing, how they approach ESG and SRI, and their commitment to influencing ESG.

From this insight we were able to identify a number of key factors which when placed into the video script would create the right balance between the rational and emotional drivers.

The script expressed why this is important to Amundi, of how they are aware that the investments they make should have a positive role for individuals, communities, and also the companies they invest in. We saw the influencer role of investing in partners who share their goals as being important to project in the video. Also, as Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager and their influence is widespread, they need to project a long-term goal of making a better world for tomorrow.

We created an animated storyboard using the video clips to allow for a more fluid and collaborative approach to the project. Efficiency was further improved thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Amundi on video production. Previous video project experience with Amundi gave both our team and Amundi’s the opportunity to quickly deliver despite the marked difference in tone and style of this new video compared to the previous ones.

The story board presented the people and communities on which Amundi’s investing impacts positively, plus the focus they have on their own role as an active investor to influence a company’s policies towards incorporating better ESG.

The success

Presenting Amundi’s corporate commitment to sustainable investing, we achieved the right balance between the heart and the brain, the emotional and the rational, delivered in a short video.

We created a video style that allows Amundi to easily create new videos within the same suite and, thanks to its simple structure, offers the ability to use elements of the video independently for other aspects of the campaign.

The video was initially created and produced in English but was edited to maximise compatibility with other languages. It is now being adapted into multiple languages to be shared with regional sales teams across Amundi’s geographical spread, to ensure their commitment to investment sustainability is clearly understood.

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