Amundi Asset Management

An educational video and literature to introduce their advanced digital training platform, the Amundi Academy.

Amundi is Europe’s largest asset manager by AUM and ranks in the top 10 globally.

With nearly 4,800 employees based in 36 countries, Amundi provides retail, institutional and corporate clients with investment strategies and solutions tailored to their individual needs, targeted outcomes, and risk profiles.

The Brief

Fin has supported Amundi for nearly two decades, beginning when they were Crédit Agricole Asset Management.

Our brief was to create a video and brochure to raise awareness of the Amundi Academy to their own global sales teams, and act as supports when they engage directly with their clients (partner banks and distributors).

The Amundi Academy provides clients with a wide range of training content, product, and financial insight and expertise, to help raise the understanding and skills with clients’ sales teams.

We were working with the Amundi brand guidelines and the existing Amundi Academy icon.

Our Response

We proposed the video needed to start with a bang and continue at a fast pace, quickly presenting each point, aiming to grab the attention of Amundi’s presentation-weary sales colleagues during the global sales conference.

We created three options for the visual styling of the video – graphic, typographic and photographic – and workshopped these with the Amundi marketing team.

From our background research we created a summary sheet of all the key points and reviewed these with the Amundi team. The outcome was an A-list of must have messages, and a B-list of support messages. The A-list became the raw content for our copywriter to create the video script, from which we designed the storyboard to visually present each key message.

We created a sign-off line, ‘Get up to speed’, echoing the core offer of increasing expertise within a partner bank’s sales team.

The Outcome

An engaging and eye-catching video which, at a fast-pace in dynamic animation, takes the viewer through the key messages of the Amundi Academy.

This was well received by the sales teams during their conference, with requests for access to the video for sharing directly with their clients.

The support brochure acts as a leave-behind or is sent in advance of any one2one meeting.

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