Butterfield Wealth Management

A campaign and sub-brand aimed with precision.

Already established as the island’s go-to family bank, Butterfield decided to extend its comprehensive range of wealth management services to financial planning.

The challenge

Abundant with high net worth professional individuals, Bermudan society has a traditional family model, with mostly male breadwinners and home-making mothers. The patriarchs see themselves as being responsible for the wellbeing of their families, but their successful careers can often create a false sense of security regarding their eventual retirement.

Butterfield Bank saw this as an opportunity to provide a complete and unique wealth management service, starting with financial planning and implemented via their asset management division.

Our challenge became twofold; to create a distinctive (though on-brand) Butterfield house style for this new offer, as well as to define the service value proposition and then to articulate it through a range of sales materials.

Our solution

We began by helping to articulate the service value proposition as, “Leave it to the experts.” This was rooted in the idea that our target audience was mainly comprised of highly skilled professionals, expert in their field, and that to better serve their families’ futures, they should entrust financial planning to the most competent person.

As most, on some subconscious level, had already sensed this, we created a campaign narrative around their nagging suspicions about their own ability to manage their future wealth security.

We expressed this through a series of images representing our typical audience, with their inner thoughts and concerns overlaid in a handwritten ‘note to self’ format. The latter was, in fact, our reinterpretation of the script font, already part of the Butterfield brand.


The success

We selected and specially treated imagery to make it appear more authentic and likely to build rapport with our audience. We then combined this with a classic, yet modern, layout for a premium look. Whilst all of the elements came directly from the Butterfield brand kit of parts, we applied them to create a distinctive style – separating Butterfield from their other Bermudan financial planning competitors.

The result has been very successful; Butterfield followed their own advice and left it to the experts.

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