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Creating a video for Willis Towers Watson’s Better Equities investment approach

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Following three successful years since the launch of Willis Towers Watson’s GEFF fund using the Better Equities approach to active equity investment, Fin was briefed to create a video to tell the success story.

The challenge

To create a video to convey the story of Willis Towers Watson’s Better Equities to an audience of pension fund trustees and to introduce the successful three-year milestone of the Better Equities Global Equity Focus Fund (GEFF) fund.

Our solution

We began by facilitating a discovery workshop with the marketing and investment teams to gain insight into the investment approach of Better Equities of why Willis Towers Watson’s approach differs from traditional equity investing.

From which we brainstormed a range of thematic approaches to capture the approach taken by Better Equities.


The Success

The approach of Better Equites active equity investing is to use a selected range of global top-rated managers and invest only in the best-of-their-best equity ideas.

The theme chosen to present this approach was to compare Willis Towers Watson’s Better Equities to building a playlist of your favourite music tracks, in which only the best-of-the-best music tracks are used across a range of music genres, without the music ‘fillers’.

We worked closely with Willis Towers Watson to write the script and create a bright and colourful video visual style to engage with the non-professional audience

Two variations of the video were required due to differing regulatory environments in which the video was to be used.


See the Willis Towers Watson Better Equities video at:

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