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Creating a visual and verbal expression for a global research initiative

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The brief

Thomson Reuters, in partnership with Greenwich Associates, had undertaken a research initiative – The Future of Research – to explore shifts in how the global investment community were sourcing and consuming research as of today and their future expectations.

We were briefed to support Thomson Reuters through reviewing the research output, identify the key themes, then for each key theme providing a copy platform and a visual icon, with an umbrella title to sum up the overarching theme from the research results. From which Thomson Reuters’ internal communication and production team would produce the collateral required to promote the research and its results.

Our response

Following completion of the research programme, all results were supplied by Greenwich Associates to Thomson Reuters.

To review and analyse these results we held a workshop with Thomson Reuter’s Head of Research and the marketing team, assessing both the quantitative and qualitative output from Greenwich Associates from which we identified three key themes:

  • The growing use of alternative data to gain a wider and deeper understanding
  • The increasing application of artificial intelligence to ‘decode’ the data
  • The increased use in specialist external data providers resulting in a changing buy side / sell side relationship

With these three key themes, we developed a copy platform for each individual theme to include the insight and statistical evidence gathered within the research to present the bigger picture.

We also developed a graphic icon for each theme, using the Thomson Reuters’ data icon as our source material:

Thomson Reuters data icon

Thomson Reuters original data icon

Theme 1

Thomson Reuters_alternative data icon

Theme 2

Thomson Reuters_artificial intelligence icon

Theme 3

Thomson Reuters_changing relationships visual

The results

Our copy platform and icons were developed to act as source materials from which the Thomson Reuters internal communication and production team produced a range of client-facing collateral including webinar documentation and the research report.