STOXX PULSE <br><small>Refreshing design for print and digital</small> background

Refreshing design for print and digital

The evolution of a corporate publication, from a Spartan, rigidly-templated PDF, to an online portal with magazine-style counterpart featuring creative design and illustration, as well as STOXX professional insight.

The brief

At the beginning of our relationship with STOXX we were asked to refresh their long-standing, quarterly news and insight publication, PULSE.

The response

We produced a loose, fluid design style to generate more visual interest to better promote the authoritative content and break away from the very corporate-looking and rigid style. Gradually, we introduced higher-quality imagery, infographics and illustration which proved a good testing ground for reshaping and evolving the STOXX visual style. This development included the introduction of an online, flip-book version of the PDF as well as providing an eye-catching print version for promotion at events and conferences.

The result

The success of PULSE led the client to change their content marketing strategy, and, over time PULSE took on an ever-more magazine-y feel. The PULSE sub-brand developed its own content portal, (PULSE ONLINE), through which STOXX publish a constant stream of articles to meet the demands of a hungry readership, situated within the STOXX corporate website.