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Sarasin & Partners
Presenting a leader in global investment thinking

The challenge

Our task was to establish Sarasin’s credentials as a leader in global investment thinking, and to reach out to all audiences and cement their reputation as a credible, and sustainable, long-term partner. We also needed to reflect the prestige of their ultimate parent company, Bank Sarasin (now J. Safra Sarasin): one of the oldest and most ‘blue chip’ banks in Switzerland.

The response

Our early research identified Sarasin’s forward thinking and visionary investment strategy as key strengths. Our subsequent communications and messaging focused on these factors as a crucial point of difference in the market.

With a top-level strategy in place we assisted Sarasin’s management in disseminating it throughout all parts of the business; it became an essential ingredient for everything they did, from product-focused content marketing campaigns to brand advertising, and became a central tenet of all media-relations activity.

The outcome

Following the deployment of this strategy we came to assist with all aspects of the branding, marketing and communications campaigns for Sarasin fund launches. In this way, we ensured that their share of voice enabled them to punch well above their weight in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Our efforts further developed into positioning Sarasin fund mangers, including their CIO, Guy Monson, as leading and authoritative spokespeople for the investment management industry across the full media spectra (digital, print, broadcast, narrowcast).


The result

The perception of the Sarasin brand became synonymous with quality, authority and innovation in all that it engages. As a consequence hardly a week would pass without some form of third-party Sarasin endorsement, or call for a public face to comment in the news media.


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