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Oodle Finance
Branding a challenger fintech start-up

We were asked to assist a new fintech start-up in defining their name, logo, visual identity and brand positioning.

The brief

The nameless fintech company that approached us was a NewCo online financing venture. Initially focused on the car-financing market for the first phase of the company launch, the initial proposition was directed towards partnering with car dealers offering a full spectrum of financing products, from sub-prime to super-prime buyers.

Our response to brief needed to account for a phase two in which the NewCo would open out its offer into direct-to-consumer financing, as well as a longer-term potential to broaden the NewCo’s product range into other areas.

Our response

We began with a discovery phase, facilitating a number of workshops with the founders in which we reviewed their market, audiences, competitors, and their offer to give us an understanding of the foundations on which the brand would be built.

We defined that the offer is a full, online financing application, which offers a full range of products from HP to PCP, aimed at the full gamut of an individual’s credit rating. Importantly, this financing is backed by high-quality telephone support, with the added bonus that if the applicant’s credit rating is poor then advice will be offered on how to establish a positive rating, allowing them to secure a financing package.

We built a brand positioning concept around the full and comprehensive nature of the offer – to every consumer, for every car, offering every product, open every day; and, if needed, they will take the applicant through every step to establish the right credit rating.

The result

Our concept for the name reflected this abundance of choice – ‘Oodle’ – from the colloquial phrase of “oodles of choice”, a fun and informal-sounding name with interesting typographic potential.

The name itself is supported by a strapline specifically intended for a car loan market: ‘financing the journey’.

We created the identity in what is, for a B2B business, a challenging and informal style. This immediately presents a strong statement of brand personality, and stands out in a busy marketplace.

The logo was a typographic solution which was itself developed to be flexible enough to be customised with emoji-style graphics. This means the word itself can become an anthropomorphic character. In this way a simple typographic solution can be adapted to reflect contemporary digital culture, embodying meme-like properties which will allow it to be adapted to suit any marketplace.

More traditionally, we also defined the brand tool-kit of colour palette, typefaces, logo usage, literature and digital styling, with a range of photography individually assigned to each of the ‘every’ brand positioning factors.

A fresh and bold brand for a fresh and bold venture.