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MUFG Investor Services
Repositioning a global brand

We were engaged to undertake a repositioning exercise for MUFG Investor Services, part of the Mitsubishi bank and one of the world’s leading investor services players.

The brief

Following a series of acquisitions and new senior placements at Mitsubishi Bank’s investor services arm, the MUFG Investor Services brand needed a little life breathed into it and some repositioning to reflect the changes that had taken place, including a new brand messaging framework and a fresh, creative visual theme.

We set out to distinctively position MUFG Investor Services in the marketplace and communicate its key client benefits; to create a strapline which captured the essence of their DNA, and to develop a memorable and distinct visual theme to help them stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

The process

We began with a phase of insight to explore what MUFG Investor Services brings to the table. We held discussions with senior stakeholders across sales, marketing and heads of their three business arms: single manager, fund of hedge funds, and private equity and real estate to explore the value proposition.

An extensive competitor review provided us with a ‘brandscape’ of offer, brand positioning and service factors from the peer group of MUFG Investor Services.

The response

Whilst their competitors often speak in the language of competition – to be bigger, better, smarter etc. – within MUFG Investor Services it is articulated differently; the drive towards ‘better’ is an aspiration that is integral to the MUFG Investor Services culture.

Continuous refinement and improvement forms a big part of the organisation’s culture and its attitude towards each and every client. Implicit is the promise to perfect their service, and a drive which always looks to improve as everyone within MUFG Investor Services seeks to attain mastery over their discipline.

We developed The Art of Investor Services as a strapline to reflect this pursuit of continual mastery. In this way, the concept of mastery resonates with the Group’s Japanese origins and allowed us to present MUFG Investor Services in a distinctive way.

From this, we created a visual theme reflecting these concepts and the company’s Japanese origins. We took a cultural focus of attaining mastery over a number of heritage disciplines, including the traditional tea ceremony, Shodo (Japanese calligraphy), bonsai and Ikebana (flower arranging).

The imagery reinforces that the benchmark is not formed by comparing oneself with others, but by testing oneself and committing to progress: it speaks of dedication, precision, passionate commitment and humility, all to the benefit of their clients.