Cardano<br><small>Brand strategy and product naming</small> background

Brand strategy and product naming

A provider of tailored investment services to pension funds engaged us to assist them with their brand positioning and product naming.

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The brief

Our project was broken down into two phases, the first of which was a brand-strategy exercise to define (and challenge) Cardano’s current brand personality.

The second phase then took the newly defined personality into naming and identity concepts for a new range of investment strategy services, all aimed at institutional investors.

Beyond redefining the brand, our challenge was to develop concepts for the new product suite which suited the traditionally conservative institutional audience but still retained the individuality of Cardano’s core identity.

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The response

Our strategy team first undertook an insight programme, facilitating interviews with key stakeholders to build a current sense of what shapes Cardano as an organisation.

Interview output was synthesised into a redefinition of Cardano’s brand personality and appraised alongside a competitor review which took in their immediate peers as well as the wider ‘brandscape’.

With a newly-defined brand personality in place we created a series of identities for their new range of investment strategy products, each visualising the sort of service a customer might expect within the defined brand characteristics.

Alongside the production of a very ‘Cardano’ articulation of each service offer, we explored a variety naming and icon options. Each concept was developed with reference Cardano’s unique identity but tempered to meet the tastes of a more traditionally-minded, conservative client base.

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The result

Our names and identities for the new service range present four markedly different products and illustrate the suite of options now available to institutional clients.

Perhaps most importantly each represented Cardano’s idiosyncratic brand but remained eminently suitable for their institutional audience.

In addition to delivering the product identities our work was backed by a strategic document which detailed the renewed understanding of Cardano’s brand personality.

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