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Aperios Partners
A brand new investor comms channel

Aperios Partners engaged Fin to create a new investor relations channel and turn their marketing ambition into digital reality.

The challenge

Fin was chosen by Aperios Partners to completely redesign their website. Up until this point their web presence had been a very basic blog-roll with no additional functionality.

We were asked to create a website that promoted this unique asset manager’s news and insights, as well as presenting interactive information and dynamic charts.

The solution

We took the square form of the existing Aperios’ logo and applied its sharp lines and hard edges to the design. A brand photography style was also developed to populate pages with images which illustrate the places their investment strategy took them to.   

The site was designed for two levels of user. The first was a public level which made available just basic company information, comment and insights but incorporated a user-journey to capture the details of any potential prospects.

A second level, for registered users, allowed access to a much deeper layer of investor information. This included dynamic information and interactive charts and an interactive map which led visitors through a geographical expression of the Aperios investment philosophy.

The outcome

We elected to build the site using WordPress, an open-source content management system (CMS), a flexible and user-friendly software which would allow staff to update content easily on a daily basis.

The final design was optimised for both mobile and desktop access, stripping back the more complex functionality from the mobile experience.

Importantly, from the client’s perspective, we introduced powerful custom-built administrative tools to enable Aperios to use their corporate website as their primary investor communications channel.

The website was been extremely well received by both Aperios and their clients.