AMX – (Willis Towers Watson) <br><small>Creating a positioning and FT cover-wrap for a challenger brand</small> background

AMX – (Willis Towers Watson)
Creating a positioning and FT cover-wrap for a challenger brand

The Asset Management Exchange (AMX) – part of Willis Towers Watson – are offering an innovative approach to the selection and management of institutional investments. Fin was briefed to articulate this innovative approach and take it into a Financial Times advertising campaign.

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The challenge

AMX were challenging long-held industry traditions of how institutional investors and asset managers connected and worked with each other, we were briefed to define this different positioning.

Our immediate execution of this positioning was to create an FT ad as a four-page cover-wrap to coincide with AMX attending the PLSA conference, but the positioning must also inform their sales and marketing strategy beyond the short-lived FT ad.

Our solution

Core to the positioning was to identify the key benefits of AMX’s offer received by clients. Any client will need solid reasons to engage with a challenger brand, it can be all too easy to continue the default, tried and tested, ‘old-ways’.

We brought all key stakeholders within AMX together in a workshop to explore and debate the positioning for AMX, focusing on the different benefits received by their two key audiences: the institutional investors and the asset managers.

Our distillation of the workshop’s outcome gave us the macro positioning of ‘The Better Way’ from which we built the creative brief to develop a visual concept for the FT ad and subsequent marketing materials.

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The success

Our positioning of AMX as providing ‘The Better Way’ presents an evolved investment route meeting the needs of a 21st-century investor and manager.

The Better Way also subconsciously repositions the traditional mandate and management methodology as inferior to both investors and managers.

And provides a keyword to project each of the client benefits e.g. Better reporting; Better risk monitoring; Better access, etc.

A visual concept was developed to highlight there is the outmoded way and a more contemporary, better, way. For the FT ad, we finalised on the everyday need of listening to music. CDs are yesterday’s access to music with their inherent vulnerability, as compared to today’s voice-activated, self-selection streaming of music.

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