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In order for your business to thrive in an evolving digital world, it is important to continue learning so you can find new ways of doing things.

However, finding the time to learn about new strategies to help grow your business is quite a task with such a heavy work schedule.

This is why podcasts are perfect! They are a refreshing alternative to scrolling down an endless screen.

They are ideal for mobility as they provide flexibility of listening wherever, and whenever is convenient for you.


We want to put a few of our favourite podcasts in front of our readers.

Check out what the Fin team is listening to with our podcast recommendations that are relevant for our industry and/or marketers.


The Adam Buxton Podcast

The English comedian Adam Buxton is the lively host of his own ‘The Adam Buxton podcast’.

He talks with different guests each week from filmmakers to musicians, comedians, and actors.

In each episode, he raises fascinating questions that open listeners thinking on a range of subjects.


“He discusses serious subjects with a humorous overtone, so it feels more conversational which adds to the human factor.
The outdoor atmosphere also contributed to the de-formalising of standard indoor lecture techniques”.

Justin Mould, Managing Director

An episode worth checking out is episode 66 with American writer Michael Lewis- Liar’s poker creator.

In this episode, they discuss Michael’s book the undoing project, and human errors of judgment.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.


FinTech Insider

David M. Brear, Jason Bates, Chris Skinner, and Simon Taylor host the Fintech Insider podcast.

They manage to cover hot takes from conferences, API integration updates from banking upstart Monzo, and panel discussions covering VR integration and behavioural science.


” They make it easy to feel informed, and help you keep on top of everything happening in the Fintech space.
It is an almost impossible task, thankfully the Fintech Insider podcast takes care of that for me”.

Dan Hyde, Account Director

An episode that is worth listening to is 196 ‘Insights: Wealth Tech 2018’.
This episode includes a panel discussion on AR and VR experiments used to engage people to invest in pension funds.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.


Marketing Over Coffee

Digital marketers may want to tune into marketing over coffee podcast, which is personally my favourite.

The podcast is hosted by a dynamic duo John J. Wall VP of marketing at EventHero, and Christopher S. Penn an expert in new media.

They cover industry-related topics to keep listeners up-to-date with social networks, search marketing, and old vs. new school marketing campaigns.


“It’s like being in a café with two great business minds having a casual conversation over coffee, whilst you secretly take notes on all the new marketing trends”.

Christabell Ndive, Marketing Executive

An episode worth listening to is ‘8 million Facebook posts’.

In this episode, they discuss AR for Google maps, LinkedIn video, and a roundup of social media marketing apps.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.


Marketing over coffee podcast with John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

RSA Events

RSA stands for Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and as such they cover economics, politics, design.

Usually featuring an author on a publicity tour they’re all of a high standard and just the right length for the commute.


“Covering a massive range of subjects, these short lectures and Q&As produced by RSA regularly provoke, inspire and surprise”.

Alex Blondin, Head of Digital

This particular episode ‘The Key To Unsafe Thinking’ is worth listening to.

John Sachs writer of ‘unsafe thinking’ book delivers a fresh insight into why we should start thinking more creatively, in order to tackle systematic challenges.

Throughout the discussion, practical ideas are shared on how to apply these ideas in our everyday routines and work life.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.

Consumer choice and convenience is a driving force behind digital channels.

Podcasts like these are an ideal alternative to keep you educated and entertained whilst you’re on the move.

They provide insight into new concepts that you may not have thought about and feature industry experts who offer actionable ideas to help with business strategies.

Whilst we’re on the subject of digital choice if you would like to discuss digital strategies to target your customers talk to us here.



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