Corporate video styles vs. animation

Corporate video styles vs animation

Are you using video as effectively as you could?

A video is a form of content marketingand is a useful tool to drive viewers engagement into the personality of a brand.

According to HighQ, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with best ROI.

Leveraging on the possibilities of videos is a powerful strategy to promote your brand, and grow business opportunities online.


All too often videos in the investment world are typically the “talking head” human approach.

Although eyes are engaging, we can all agree that we’ve all seen too many corporate videos in this style.

We are now shifting towards a more innovative style of animation video, which is great for social media interaction.

This post will give you insight into both styles of video so you can start thinking about your digital strategy.


Live action video 

The most common form of corporate video style is live action in a documentary form.

This approach establishes the personality of a generic business and is always represented in the investment industry.

It is the most popular as it humanizes a company through the use of a face-face representation.

Live video is appropriate for interviews with client testimonials, employees, and broadcast commercials.

This technique adapts storytelling and scripted voice over with real people.

As a result, the videos appear more personable and holds a credibility factor as real audiences can identify with this.


However, the market is flooded with this type of video, and it just isn’t touching the sides anymore.

Sometimes it can be quite boring and very predictable for viewers.


Creative animation video

This style is a unique approach to corporate video and uses creative motion with graphical elements.

Animation video has the ability to capture the imagination of an audience through visual assets.

It is perfect for explainer videos, product demonstration, how-to demonstrations, and social campaigns.

Most importantly animation attracts attention, which results in increased engagement with viewers.

However, although this creative approach increases viewer’s engagement, it is not sophisticated enough for every video campaign.

Live action + Animation 

Too many corporate videos tend to reflect one another, and animation isn’t always appropriate for videos.

Therefore a combination of both video styles has the ability to deliver a differentiated experience.

The strength of this technique is that it has the ability to simplify a complex concept through clear visible information.

The combo of live video with animated symbols makes the videos personable, compelling, and engaging.

An example of this is our Amundi thematic investment animation video (case study here).


Which style will you be using for your next marketing video?

All the video methods mentioned are great content marketing strategy ideas for any firm.

Taking a more creative approach to video will expand engagement reach to clients which is a marketing goal.

Remember it is possible to incorporate elements of both for any video as demonstrated by our Amundi case study. 

So now you should consider what video style works best for the message you are trying to convey.

If you would like to discuss video marketing for a campaign share your creative ideas with us here.


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