Technologies investment industry marketers will be using in 2019

The fast-changing business landscape is delving into emerging technology in order to enhance advertising and marketing capabilities.

To be fully digital, companies have to look at re-thinking existing business models through innovative advancements.

Here are some ideas gathered from the technology for marketing exhibition that marketers should be focusing on.


One of the focuses in marketing technology (martech) is user-experience (UX) and creating a personalised online presence for users.

This involves the emotional experience a person feels when interacting with your site.

It is important for marketers to map the whole digital journey users go through with your brand on all platforms.

Greater UX must be part of the business strategy as it helps build relationships.


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Disruptive advertising strategies


In business, people now expect companies that they are engaging with to be socially responsible.

One way companies are showing this is by creating a greater good with advertising by adding a corporate partnership with charity organizations.

Non-profit organization partnerships can benefit your strategy showcasing corporate social responsibility and public awareness.

For marketers, it is important to add this value through advertising in order to reach audiences.

Those that focus on it will boost their reputation and drive in new business development.

CSR messaging in marketing

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Over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product through their mobile.

This is not a surprise as there is an increasing focus on mobile in our everyday lives.

The introduction of biometrics technology is being used to streamline the transaction process on mobile through fingerprint authentication payments, and facial recognition.

These user interactions are driving the new digital age where people value time and convenience expecting all interactions to be frictionless.

Marketer’s focus should be on adopting a mobile-first approach to drive sales, increase customer engagement, and stay relevant.



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Chatbots and messaging platforms will become even more of a focus for marketers as they can add value in many areas.

By 2020, the average revenue from messaging apps will be driven mainly by Chabots.

The use of this technology offers a fresh approach to a customer-centric strategy for both B2B and B2C.

The bots are used to enhance the customer experience process through localisation and personalisation tactics. It is about interacting at the right time with clients through the right channels.

Marketers should utilise this form of technology to engage with customers through a seamless experience across all touch points.


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Key Insights

Technology advancements play a crucial role in marketing today.

In order to develop new business marketers will need to tailor their advertising and marketing activities to the customer’s journey.

By using advanced technology, new ideas, and updated strategies marketers will be able to target customers more effectively in 2019.

Which technology trends will you be implementing or taking advantage of for your business?

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