Smoking chefs in London's Chinatown by Jan Enkelmann

Made in Brixton – After Dark

Fin’s lead creative Jan Enkelmann’s photographs have been chosen along with the work of six other artists by Anna Sparham, Curator Photographs at the Museum of London, for the Photofusion exhibition “Made in Brixton – After Dark” which will open this weekend from the 10th August till the 6th September 2018.


This exhibition is part of a summer of collaboration with the Museum of London, around their current exhibition “London Nights”. The showcase includes work that was photographed, printed and/or inspired by experiences in Brixton. The one thing all the work has in common is the backdrop of night, creating a frisson of excitement, as the darkness transforms familiar surroundings into something else.


Jan himself is based in London’s Brixton area and says he has “discovered that interesting projects are more close to home”. Having grown up taking images since the age of 6-years-old. His photography style has evolved over the years from travel photography into a more documentary style approach.


His series “Smoking Chefs” captures the opposite to the hustle and bustle, tourist, and noise in Chinatown at night. This project, in essence, captures the calm sanctuaries that are the back streets and alleyways. Photographing moments of introversion amongst people in a crowded environment.



This project was more about capturing the mood of isolation and quietness binary opposite of his more extrovert project with the images being taken outside in the sunshine with a completely different atmosphere and mood. The series is titled “Serious Conviction – the people and the passion of Speakers’ Corner” at Hyde Park.





Jan describes himself as more of an introvert in person but says he finds it more natural to approach people when he is with a camera.


“As a visual person being both a photographer and designer is a great combination as it is easier to design a context for your images, which is a great advantage”.

Jan Enkelmann, Lead Creative


Photofusion will be hosting this exhibition as part of a collaboration with Museum in London from the 10th August – 6th September 2018.


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