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6 mobile apps we like with a great UX

Shake up your web design ideas and smartphones contents with Fin’s tech recommendations.

In the evolving digital world, the possibilities of mobile phones have become endless.

Smartphone users are able to access social media, photos, music, navigation, and even a wallet whilst on the go.

On average more than 80% of mobile usage in all markets is spent in apps, which highlights an increased mobile engagement.

Businesses should adapt to this demand by creating a user-friendly site, or possibly re-thinking design elements for their online users.





The process of ordering a cab within the UBER app is simplified for the user’s journey.

This app has the ability to view drivers, select a pickup point, and follow the journey right to your destination.

In addition, the GPS feature advantage provides content of the drivers available in (a certain mile radius) of your location.

The clean simple user interface and clear navigation process create a simplified user journey experience for UBER riders.



UBER app design gif
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This is a social media platform designed for sharing ideas with 1.5 million registered users… in other words, StockTwits is Twitter for the investment industry.

The app provides stock highlights, insight into new market trends, sentiment and analysis from thousands of real investors and traders.

Users are also able to connect with other professionals, and easily share content to other social sites.

The platform features cashtags sort of like hashtags from Twitter, however, this element allows users to follow stocks that are trending.

As a result of these key features, the app creates an interactive user experience for active members.



StockTwits page layout design Image
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Bloomberg: Market & Financial news


This particular Bloomberg app allows audiences to stay in the know whilst they are always on the go.

Users are able to easily access news directly within the app and personalise content within the app.

According to Luke W, 94% of mobile phones are used in portrait orientation.

To enhance viewing the apps responsive design adapts images and videos for portrait orientation.

In addition, the easy-to-use interface provides the option of full screen viewing through landscape orientation.

Compared to the other mobile apps these key features contribute to a content-centred user experience for readers.



Bloomberg Markets App design Gif
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This is a navigation app with a graphical interface that shows road and traffic information to drivers.

WAZE uses location data to provide information to drivers on their environment and changing traffic conditions.

The use of playful illustration graphics contributes to a unique visual experience compared to similar navigation apps out in the market.

Most of all the improved usability, accessibility, and pleasure in the interaction with the app are what make a great UX for drivers.


Waze app design image
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EasyJet: Travel 


Say goodbye to printing out boarding passes with the easyJet travel app.

Travellers are able to download passes and manage their flight through the comfort of their handheld device.

Since we are living in a digital age everything is now on your phone simplifying daily tasks.

Everything you need is stored in the app keeping all travel information in one place.

This travel app provides a paper-free experience and eco-friendly experience for travellers.



easyJet mobile app design image
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Apple Pay


Say hello to cashless payment, and a digital wallet through your smartphone.

Apple Pay contactless payment users have reached a total of 127 million global active users.

It allows secure purchases above £30 contactless limit in shops, apps, and online with a touch print ID user interface.

In countries like China stores and services are increasingly centred around mobile pay apps.

Could this form of alternative payment be the ending of plastic credit cards?

The key elements produce a connected user experience through payment transactions.


Apple Pay Design Layout Image
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What does this mean for the future?


In a fast-moving evolving landscape it is important to be aware of channels and preferences audiences favour.

The increasing digital focus in their everyday lives, create an expectation for all online interactions to also have a great UX.

By incorporating attributes from mobile app design into your website, you lead your users into a greater online experience.

These mobile apps are great to spark ideas towards a mobile-friendly site or a UX that is better than what they already have.

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