Behind every great investment brand is a great brand strategy

behind every great investment brand

In marketing we use the word ‘strategy’ an awful lot, sometimes a little too loosely and freely. Strategy addresses the big questions (the ‘what’), tactics address the small ones (the ‘how’).

In its broadest sense, strategy is a plan for achieving a long-term goal, and good strategy usually answers a company’s biggest questions.

As a marketer, what constitutes good strategy will depend on whatever situation you are facing and the goals you want to achieve.

Usually we’re called in when something has changed. An acquisition is made and you suddenly realise you’re not the same company you were; a new business strategy no longer fits the old brand. Or, your clients really don’t understand what makes you, or your products, great. What do you do next? How do you present yourself to your investors, your staff, and to the world?

As we say elsewhere on this site, “we make sense of brands, we develop messaging, advise on positioning and help you realise your marketing goals”.

The bottom line is always to be clear on the message you want to get out and why, whatever the context. Then we look at what you need to say, who you need to address and how to address them.

It’s only once you’ve answered these questions that you can find your way to the best creative. Outstanding work is always underpinned by great strategic thinking, otherwise it’s just pretty pictures.

We put together the above video to show off a little of the work we’ve done and illustrate how strategy fits into what we do, whatever the form and whoever we might be working with – from the start-up looking to create a global brand, a mid-size firm looking to refresh their brand, or a global player seeking to maximise their brand.

If you have any big or burning questions in the meantime please do get in touch.

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