Five things we like (that aren’t Financial Services)

Below you will find five things we like on the internet. Mostly unrelated to financial services, but all worthy of some note, we just want to bring them to your attention.


1) Blinking eye animation

We love this ever-present animation in the menu and load indicator. You can tell the site is working because the eye is watching you back (and blinking). Watch it, (watching you), here.

2) Bloomberg’s video module

This is a pretty common feature nowadays (and we know that some people hate it), but it’s one we really appreciate.

Once the autoplay video has begun, and you begin to scroll down the webpage, it will follow you down the page so you can read at the same time as watching. The player module shrinks before leaping across into the right-hand column, where it will stay in view while you read on. See the video follow you here.

3) Active Arab Women

Even with a simple off the shelf template a little creativity can go a long way. Strong and distinctive photography elevates this basic site into something much more powerful.

A bold concept, based on subverting stereotypes and expectations, is illustrated wonderfully with little more than portraits. Do check the site here.

4) Agency trolls agencies

A satirical website aimed at mocking self-aggrandising agencies, which we’ve all encountered. It’s an old site but still inspired. Click through here.

5) Web development as art

Rafaël Rozendaal describes himself as “a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas”. Note that these pages use no image files, it’s all code. We don’t want to say much more than ‘we recommend that you visit his site‘.

If nothing else, have a play with his web pages. Some are interactive, some aren’t, but they’re all worth a look.

Our favourites include Terminal Object (2016), Paper Toilet (2006), On and Off (2003), It Will Never Be the Same (2004) and Tossing Turning (2011).