The Business Show 2018

The business show 2018 the hot topics that are shaping the business world

The hot topics that are shaping the business world

This week the UK’s largest exhibition Business Show 2018 took place at London’s Excel. This two-day event featured 250 influential speakers and 170 master classes.

It was a great way for industry professionals to network, and gain insight into topics to support the evolution of their business.

I went along to see what the event was all about and share my thoughts on some of the marketing trends that are shaping the business world now.

Digital Marketing

One of the trends that are shaping the business world for 2018 is digital marketing.

Google digital garage specialised trainer Priya Chauhan discussed building a digital marketing plan for businesses.

Sharing top tips from Google on how to build your business online, and most importantly answer the question of why digital marketing is important.

This is as we are living in a modern age of technology, with 60% of searches coming from mobile devices.

There is a shift in how people are connecting online, and the clientele you are trying to reach is always on the go.

I took away from her seminar the notion that building a digital presence positions your business for growth in the new world.


Building Brands

Another trend that is worth taking note of is branding, as it is important for business success.

Linzi Boyd entrepreneur and founder of business of brand discussed; building brands to shift industries: today, tomorrow, the future.

Her forward thinking talk gave an insight into why modern businesses need to be brand-led, asset-driven, and a platform of change.


A key message that resonated with me was “we are building brands to shift industries“. 

In order to accelerate growth in your business, you have to shift your vision towards innovation.

Especially when it comes to the investment industry having a personalised presence will help you stand out against competitors.


Website Ranking

This topic was very interesting as many professionals want to know how to improve their websites google ranking.

James Nicholson an expert in the online marketing world explained the latest ways of ranking your site on google in 2018 & beyond.

65% of Google searchers use organic search results, to be featured on the first page allows you to be visible, and also gives your company a credible impression.


James presented a five-step system to improve SEO ranking, which included the step content.

Creating content regularly will communicate to Google that your site is in fact alive.

The method of blogging was suggested as a top tip to help communicate this message to Google.

Although it is just a simple step this will effectively push your SEO ahead from the competition.


Takeaway Points

My main takeaway from the Business Show 2018 was that all industry professionals are moving towards a new age of digital.

Companies are eager to connect with online users in the best way possible, and taking steps towards creating a better online presence that reflects their brand.

There is a demand for more innovation and growth within every industry. All businesses need to start shifting their vision towards online.

It’s all great having a website set up, but what will this look like tomorrow, and in the future? Here at Fin, we use our expertise to make sure that you are never left behind.

If you attended the business show, and want to know more about digital marketing or branding talk with us here.

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