Looking to position your financial brand with clarity and impact?

A period of focused insight with Fin International will formulate a clear view of your company’s brand value proposition which meet your international client needs, align with your business objectives and create your space amongst your global peer group.

With many organisations operating similar business and operating models, we seek to create a point of differentiation through clear strategic brand positioning and impactful brand visual identity.
We not only create identities and brands from scratch, but also evolve and refresh existing brands making them relevant to today’s market, ensuring your brand ...

  • has a point of view on the issues that matter most in the sector
  • has active (and often contrarian) positions that are well-founded
  • represents an ambition to realise positive change in its sphere of activity

We’ll ensure that your brand reflects who you are, what you do, and how you do it – and we’ll design, build and execute all the associated online/offline collateral requirements.

White Paper - The Fin Investment Imagery Review 2015

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