We define, create, produce, launch, market and maintain brands.

We make sense of brands, we provide naming, messaging, positioning and develop phased marketing and communication plans.

What Fin can do for you

Over the years we’ve successfully defined, created and supported large, international companies, lesser-known industry stalwarts and start-up challengers. We have experience working with organisations of all nationalities, sizes, with a wide range of needs.

We seek to create a point of differentiation through brand definition. To help you stand out in a crowded market locally and globally, we provide clear strategic positioning for your business and help you speak directly to the needs of your audience.

Our approach

We not only create brands from scratch, but we also evolve and refresh existing brands, their strategic positioning and even their product architecture for today’s market and investor needs.

Whatever you may need, we have long-view experience as well as tried and tested methods to get you where you want to be.

A period of focused insight with Fin International will formulate a clear view of your brand’s value proposition. Once we’ve established this, we can help ensure that your clients’ needs are satisfied, your brand is aligned with your business, and your space is defined within your global peer group.


This ensures that your brand

reflects who you are, what you do and how you do it
has a well-founded and differentiated value proposition
represents an ambition to realise positive change
is able to evolve with your business needs

Our creative and award-winning design will connect your brand with your audiences.

What Fin can do for you

We realise your brand positioning through innovative and creative design, defining a visual language that brings your brand to life.

We like to develop challenging concepts which will push you out of your comfort zone. We’re also well-versed in working with compliance departments, so we know what to expect.

Our approach

We meet a brief with a ‘big idea’, a defining central concept to support and connect your brand position and strategic goals.

Concepts are developed with an international empathy for local markets ensuring suitability. Multi-channel deployment and identities are created to live in the real world and digital environments.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Websites
  • Brochures/Reports
  • Presentations
  • Animation
  • Templates
  • Infographics
  • Direct Mail
  • Exhibition Design

In this way we ensure that the representation of your brand is: unexpected, but always appropriate; is visually-striking and demands attention; and is engineered to engage.

We develop digital strategies specific to your needs. Whether you just need some strategic advice or know exactly what you want, we can help.

What Fin can do for you

We deal in websites, intranets and digital campaigns of all sorts. However you want to work with us, we can be with you through the design, build and roll out, or just wherever you happen to need us.

We equip our clients with a comprehensive range of the most relevant digital marketing tools to ensure the best results at all levels of sophistication.

Our digital offer includes: websites, digital advertising, client portals, intranets, apps, multi-channel campaigns, animation, social media, analytics, email templates and presentations.

Our approach

From microsites to SharePoint portals, we bring our specialists and your stakeholders together to ensure that the digital solutions we provide are right for you.

Our creative team take the time to understand your needs, those of the business and your existing infrastructure before they set to work.

This insight drives our creative output, always in tandem with our technical team, to ensure that whatever we deliver is fit for purpose and compliant with your technical environment and policies.

We offer strategic propositions, creative concepts and ready-to-go campaigns underpinned by analytics and communication plans.

What Fin can do for you

Our experienced team understand how to meet the multi-faceted needs of your audience, deliver multi-channel campaigns, or just slot in wherever you need them.

We’ve been doing this for so long that our service list is endless. To date it includes: advertising (digital and print), copywriting, video, animation, social strategy, analytics, email templates, direct mail, websites, microsites, apps, social content, presentations, brochures, reports and content marketing, exhibition design.

Our approach

We’re a brand-first agency so, from this position, we will define the campaign proposition, creating striking campaign creative, with engaging and insightful copy. This will all be produced in line with your needs for audience segmentation and their preferred communication channels.

We have the experience to be able to adapt to your needs, so we can support you wherever you need us.

Our focus on financial and professional services means that our media relations specialists have a deep insight into all of the major players, products and publishers.

What Fin can do for you

Our long standing in the industry means that we also have the best media contacts to get your message out there, into the right channels and in front of the right people.

We provide strategic advice and undertake financial communications programmes throughout the UK, Europe and the major financial centres worldwide.

Quick to take a brief, form a strategy and deliver real results, we launch brands, promote products, and can even offer a steadying presence in difficult circumstances.

Assisted by a network of affiliates, our team has specialist knowledge of the workings of the financial markets and the various businesses making up the industry and those serving it.

Our approach

Success is best achieved by developing close working partnerships with our clients. We focus on building and managing their reputations, extending relationships and supporting their marketing teams.

We combine an intimate understanding of the industry’s global grammar and an ear for the City’s tradition with contemporary creativity and multi-channel strategy.