Navigating Transparency: The Investment Industry’s Journey Towards Sustainable Outcomes

In recent years, the investment landscape has witnessed a notable pivot towards sustainability, prompting investment firms to revaluate their practices and messaging. However, amid this transition, concerns regarding greenwashing and the need for real substantive data have emerged as critical considerations for brands in the investment industry.

The days of mere discussion surrounding sustainability efforts are behind us. Today, stakeholders, investors, and regulators alike seek concrete evidence of commitment to sustainable practices. Transparency has emerged as the linchpin of responsible investing, necessitating a clear demonstration of adherence to sustainability criteria.

However, while the call for transparency intensifies, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are heightening their regulatory scrutiny surrounding sustainability practices, prompting investment firms to require both a proactive and stricter address towards their compliance measures, while also striving to stand out.

Acknowledging this, and seeing it become a challenge for our clients to stay ahead of, Fin International has embraced a proactive stance. In collaboration with Nordic Sustainability (A pureplay sustainable consultancy), we are embarking on an initiative that calls for those in the investment industry to take part. We are launching a survey designed to highlight the intricacies of sustainable contribution within investment firms and the challenges faced when trying to effectively communicate those efforts.

This survey endeavours to explore the nuanced concerns and obstacles encountered by investment entities in navigating sustainability regulations. From the integration of ESG considerations into investment strategies, striving for positive impact, creating the right messaging, to the implementation of robust reporting mechanisms.

The insights gleaned from this survey will not only inform our internal strategies but will also be shared with our peers across the investment landscape. By fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration, we aim to collectively elevate industry standards and foster a more transparent and sustainable future.

We extend an invitation to all investment firms to take part in this survey, to help make a move towards greater transparency and sustainability. Those who contribute could receive a sustainability consultation or a communications review.

Eliza Mould
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