Inbound marketing: Fin’s five steps to success

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Increasingly, inbound marketing is recognised as the most powerful way to drive new business, even in financial services. Seeds are sown, carrots dangled and hooks baited throughout digital space because of the minimal marginal cost of reproducing ‘content’. 

In days gone by, a marketer had to create great content, then print or produce it and then distribute far and wide. Nowadays a marketer’s messages are accessed ‘on demand’ by the audience. We publish, distribute digitally and leave it out there, ready to be consumed when it’s needed.

If you’re a Fin client you’re sure to have received one of Justin’s ‘inbound’ emails.

He likes to send out personal missives to a targeted number of clients and contacts. These emails invariably lead to a new case study or thought-provoking piece of content produced in-house. More interestingly they’re usually passive. We don’t often use a call to action (CTA).

Omitting a CTA might sound like a missed opportunity but we don’t tell the recipients what they should do, however, as we’re confident that we don’t need to. The content speaks for itself.

An email from Justin is a gentle nudge to remind you that we exist. A little note to reinforce the message that we understand your market intimately and that we’re ready to help you, when you need us. We know that this approach works because we’ve been in business for 30 years.

So, in case anyone is in need of a few pointers, Fin put together a quick check-list to ensure you are concentrating efforts in the right areas.



Download your copy: InboundMarketing_5points_Mar2016
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