Aegon Asset Management

Core value proposition and brand identity for the asset management arm of Aegon Group

The Brief

Fin was appointed to advise Aegon Asset Management on its brand positioning and identity. This followed the integration of Aegon Asset Managements’ regional investment operations and the decision to retire the Kames Capital and TKP Investments brands from September 2020. 

Aegon Asset Management is a global investment business with 1,200 employees across 17 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The firm’s 380 investment professionals manage and advise on assets of £331 billion for a global client-base. 

Aegon Asset Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aegon N.V., a leading global financial services business. 

Our Response

We undertook a thorough review and assimilation of all existing brand positioning propositions, then looked at multiple sources of marketing materials for Kames Capital and the business vision of Aegon Asset Management. This gave us the firm foundation of insight for review and interrogation with internal stakeholders.

We worked directly with Aegon Asset Management’s senior leadership and marketing team to explore:

  • The brand attributes of Aegon Asset Management, Kames Capital and TKP Investments.
  • The CEO’s global vision for the business and the benefits to clients.
  • The opportunity to provide a proposition for internal and external audiences.

We developed three potential value propositions for debate within Aegon AM and the Aegon Group. One of these was taken into further development and refined into a full corporate narrative and articulation within a Message House.

Fin’s creative team took the value proposition into an exploration of image theme and style to reflect the core essence. These options were discussed with the Aegon AM and global Aegon Group teams from which one route was selected for further development and refinement.

The Outcome

Fin recommended a core value proposition of ‘Beyond borders’, which reflected Aegon AM’s goal of thinking and acting across geographical, cultural and intellectual boundaries in a complex, interconnected world.

Beyond borders also reflects Aegon AM’s active investment approach, which is underpinned by idea generation through challenging convention to bring a higher level of open-minded, visionary, and creative thinking.

The creative outcome incorporates the angle taken from Aegon’s brand guidelines to evoke a border through which Aegon is going beyond, to seek a better solution for their investors.

Powerful aerial photography creates openness with a sense of exploration and open expanse for a broader and far reaching vision.

We created a range of Level 1 imagery for use in key collateral, plus a guide for development of Level 2 imagery (incorporating the visual angle) to be applied to everyday materials such as fact sheets, papers etc as developed by Aegon AM’s internal global teams.

Level 2

Key client benefits from the brand Message House are used in alignment with the photography selection.

The brand core value proposition and creative visual theme are now being applied vertically and horizontally across all sales, reporting and marketing materials.


The new brand was launched to positive acclaim both external and internal.

See the video creative created by Aegon Asset Management which corresponds with our campaign, click the link below.


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