Butterfield Wealth Management <br><small>A fresh interpretation of an established campaign proposition</small> background

Butterfield Wealth Management
A fresh interpretation of an established campaign proposition

Butterfield, Bermuda’s first and largest independent bank, had been running with a campaign proposition for the past decade and asked us to revitalise its interpretation.


The brief

The established campaign message was “Butterfield & You”, expressed with a concept of ‘natural pairings’. We were asked to evolve and reinterpret this concept through a number of ads aimed at Butterfield’s Wealth Management customers.


Our response

We presented a number of ideas on the theme of partnerships and eventually settled on a concept of Butterfield reflecting their clients’ needs. We chose three animals to symbolise the various virtues of working with Butterfield; an owl representing wisdom, a humming bird for agility and a butterfly for transformation. Each was made to appear being reflected in a body of water, in as natural a way as possible. We ensured that elements of this theme were present in the body copy, to ensure strong concept synergy.


fin for butterfield ad 01

The result

The campaign was rolled out mainly in the press, with some digital banners in a local publication. Having achieved this new and distinctive look, we then extended the reflection concept to Butterfield’s more generic sponsorship ads, focusing on the arts.


fin for butterfield ad 02
fin for butterfield ad 03
fin for butterfield ad 04