Is your logo working hard enough?

Company logos, we’ve all got one; be it on our business card, in our reception, or perhaps proudly projected in three metre tall letters on the façade of our HQ.

All too often we’re part of a debate based around the following questions: “what should our logo say?” and “do we need to change our logo?” 

So, we decided to produce a quick overview of the financial services branding strategies we see most frequently.

Feel free to use our quick rundown could help you review your logo. Do you think it’s working hard enough? Does it define the type of company you are? Does it represent who you want to be?

We’ve also included a quick checklist at the end of the piece to help you take a second look at your logo and see if it might need a bit of a refresh.

Download: FinMailer_June2016_IsYourLogo