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Digital Web Design Trends

How does this apply to investment websites?


In such a highly competitive industry the market is crowded with an array of advanced design elements. Here is how you can make your website stand out by taking a more creative approach.


These are five web design trends we at Fin have chosen to help lead you towards a more sophisticated user experience.




We have been seeing a more dynamic combination of imagery and motion.


Web design is stepping away from the static portrait you are used to seeing towards a more creative image composition. This type of visual is aesthetically pleasing, and also brings life to any web page.


Still, photography remains prevalent across investment websites, but this type of imagery lacks the personality that animation provides.


Here is an example of creative animation being featured and explored on an investment website.


Digital Asset




The next trend is not innovative however, it is clear that it enhances user experience (UX) of being able to clearly understand your message.


When it comes to design the choice of font style can help you present a more professional outlook for a web page. In addition, it helps your company be perceived in a more proficient manner.


We’ve noticed that big bold typography is most prevalent across the industry. It made it to our list since it effectively is the clearest simple way to stand out.


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 Graphic Design / Playful Illustration


Playful illustration has the ability to elevate a page and draws attention to the message and content. This design feature gives way to creative expression, whilst capturing the attention of users.


In addition, the use of enriched illustration provides a unique visual difference to any site. Nobody wants a dull page so to get a brand to stand out in the marketplace what better way to do it than alluring design illustration.




Asymmetric Layout


When it comes to web design we have seen more attention paid to the aspect of layout. Websites are evolving away from the boxy template and towards a more flexible use of broken grid layouts.


The way in which pages are organised leads the user’s journey through various information columns and rows that you can scroll through easily to find exactly what you are looking for.


Furthermore, this page structure is repurposed over to mobile and desktop design. Thus presenting a cohesive style that has been scaled to fit different screens.


Tech evolution is allowing designers to be more creative when building a page layout. It’s become very flexible so nearly anything is possible nowadays. We can see that creativity is bringing a new dimension of layouts for websites.




Storytelling through design


Finally, the feature of storytelling within design has progressed and remains a timeless trend that all brands are committed to.


It allows you to effectively show the personality of your brand, whilst also conveying a message to your audience.


Most of all it demonstrates the ability to present your brand and gives a clear understanding of what you want users to know.


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