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Second-phase advertising campaign

The brief

Following the success of their ‘paper planes’ creative, Insight Investment, brought us a new advertising brief for a multi-asset, product campaign.

As before, the central proposition was one of Insight’s ability to turn a client’s simple goal into an individually-engineered solution, in spite of the complexity they have to overcome in order to achieve it.

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The challenge
For this, second, campaign things were simpler. The proposition was already established and along with the white/green visual style. The challenge here was to develop a concept suitable for multi-region use (Americas, EMEA and APAC).

In addition to regional sensitivity, our creative concept had to be suitable for a range of Insight’s audiences, as well as be capable of accommodating regionalised tag lines and an ad hoc variety of proof-points, each of which were to cross-sell Insight’s broader offer to different business areas.

The response
While interrogating the brief we hit upon the idea that Insight, and in particular, their multi-asset offer, presents “a smoother” path to a client’s investment goals. A version of their proposition, that they turn complex situations into simple, single, client solutions was core to this.

This smooth journey, destination-focused idea was extrapolated into making an easily-understood physical challenge simpler and easier through technology, however fantastical. In this case, Insight’s ability to provide well-engineered solutions is tantamount climbing to a mountain’s summit with the aid of an escalator rather than rope and crampons.

In this case traversing a mountain range seemed more apt, the reality of the ups and downs of investment cannot be conveyed with a single peak. Our concept involved a much longer journey.

The proposition’s simplicity was emphasised by turning the mountain range into low-polygon structures and imposing a hi-tech yet smooth and simple-looking travelator on the environment. All represented with the paper-like textures.

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