Insight <br><small>A precisely engineered advertising campaign</small> background

A precisely engineered advertising campaign

The brief

Insight Investment, a subsidiary of BNY Mellon and seasoned European leader in LDI, had plans to expand their offer and make moves towards the US institutional market.

They came to us with a brief to re-energise their advertising and to create an impactful campaign to help establish their credentials in this new territory.

The process

The project went through several months of positioning and messaging workshops with the Fin team. Through this process we helped Insight to distil their philosophy and cultural beliefs into a central proposition.

With this foundation in place we were able to then propose a number of messaging strategies to support their expansion and to develop an umbrella concept for all of their subsequent campaigns.

The response

Central to the Insight proposition is their ability to turn an immensely complex set of problems into a single solution addressing their clients’ straightforward needs and desires.

The first phase of the campaign was focused on promoting Insight’s Fixed Income offer. Static and animated illustrations were CGI-produced to deliver a distinctive aesthetic, to create visual synergy with the conceptual message and to better present our client as a transatlantic challenger brand.

Our response was to propose that each campaign be centred around an image, which appears simple at first sight but then reveals a precisely-engineered, hidden complexity on the inside.

The result

We created an animation presenting an ordinary-seeming paper plane in flight, which quickly reveals its hidden complex engineering.

The paper plane first appears in flight, apparently in competition with an array of others. Suddenly the body opens out to reveal a mind-bogglingly complex, futuristic engine. This is because Insight’s paper plane has been custom-built to overcome market uncertainty, outperform the competition, and help investors achieve their goals.

The campaign went off to a flying start, launching Insight in the US, in print and online. The campaign has now been rolled out globally, establishing and reinforcing Insight as an industry leader, offering quality products to top-tier institutional clients; a provider and partner, powered by a distinctive investment philosophy.

User testing in the US institutional press so far has shown great recall and appreciation of the creative idea. The US audience ‘gets it’, thus putting the new challenger brand on the map.