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Horseman Capital Management
Brand evolution, not revolution

Horseman Capital, a London-based investment company, wanted to build brand awareness, increase engagement and expand their customer base.

The brief

The objective was to build their customer base, and increase client engagement and understanding of the Horseman Capital offer. We were appointed to refresh their brand and create a new look and feel across all of their online sales and reporting collateral.

Our response

Our starting point was to conduct a full audit and review of all brand use, along with all of the sales, marketing and investor relations (IR) collateral produced by Horseman. With a little analysis and insight we established a set of parameters for the refresh and its application.

We first turned our attention to the Horseman brand logo. The organisation was named after its founder, John Horseman, and the existing brand had been built around a chess analogy. This remained apt, sitting well with financial services, so there seemed little need to rethink the concept.

However, making a more explicit connection between the firm, the founder and the cerebral pursuit seemed a good direction for our refresh. In exploring this direction, we developed the logo to incorporate a knight symbol, to replace the previous chessboard icon.

Auditing the Horseman comms collateral, we recognised that the monthly commentary from Horseman’s fund managers is especially engaging. We saw this as forming the centre point for their IR comms. This highly individual commentary should be elevated to shape the brand personality of Horseman Capital.

The increased focus on growing the client list, and personality-led direction to their reporting, required a rethinking of the way the Horseman online presence worked.

The result

We developed a new visual approach and user experience (UX) for the presentation of Horseman’s offer on the web, in newsletters and pitch books. The objective was to provide a unique and unified visual approach for all channels.

The corporate website, IR comms and business development functions were pulled together to make one coherent customer journey, from inquisitive prospect to fully-fledged Horseman investor.

Bold and unique imagery was sought serve as a hook. Monthly fund manager reports were taken to be the driver and inspiration for image selection to support the fund’s report theme.

This unifying image from each fund then underpinned the design and production of the website, newsletter and pitch book software templates. This also meant that one single origination of data is shared economically across all data points in the pitch books and fund newsletters without manual duplication. This allowed a self-drive approach going forward with the client managing all successive monthly iterations.

Evolution or quiet revolution is dependent upon one’s own perspective.