BNP Paribas ETF campaign award




We were delighted to see BNP Paribas Asset Management win Funds Europe’s award for European Marketing Campaign of the Year award, for their ‘Easy’ campaign, a project in which Fin was involved.

The ‘Easy’ campaign was conceived in promotion of BNP’s range of ETF and index funds, aiming to position BNP as a top-of-mind ETF provider capable of breaking into Europe’s top ten. Successes over the campaign’s lifespan saw the number of BNP’s online visitors increase to an average of more than 80,000 per month and saw the firm’s European ETF provider ranking pushed into top-ten status.

See link: www.funds-europe.com/awards-2018-winners

pdf-BNP Paribas - Easy campaign
Image credit: Funds Europe Awards

This was a campaign for which we’d collaborated with BNP Paribas to provide the strategic positioning and messaging, as well as some conceptual work, while TBWA provided the final creative execution and delivery.

As a boutique, investment industry agency we collaborate when needed with our clients’ other agencies. It’s a part of how we’re able to add value to a relationship. In this case the core of our work was focused on defining the key value positioning for BNP Paribas ETFs and Indexing.




Secondary to this, as proof-of-concept, we illustrated how the positioning could work conceptually, scamping an advertising campaign to illustrate how the updated positioning could bring clarification to their offer.




To our delight this concept was bought to life for the full campaign and proved to be an award-winning idea. A great result for all involved.