Whether it’s online or through traditional media, advertising needs to make the right impact, be on brand and on strategy, creating interest with your target audience. Our creative work is centred on three different imperatives…
  • Often the unexpected, never the inappropriate
  • Visually-striking – demanding attention
  • Commercially-purposeful – an accelerant to issues that matter and reasons to buy

Our copywriting is similarly focused on substance, not rhetoric – with facts, not assertions. Delivering a depth of insight- and action-oriented information, not for its own sake but focusing on the unique and the different, not the generic and the utilitarian. We deliver copy that is written in a way that engages and educates, not lectures or patronises and delivered concisely with memorable messaging using savvy wordplay and referencing topical issues, cultural and vernacular cues. With bags of personality and just the right amount of attitude.

Fin International in conjunction with Fin Girardot (our specialist advertising creative team) have the skills to create impactful campaigns that define and build brands, deliver commercial returns, or both.

It’s not always easy to project a relevant message, and be clearly visible within your peer group. Individuality is key, and moving away from existing, well-worn safe ground is often an essential first step.

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